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          visual aid mapping the development of industry 4.0 from the industrial revolution

          The center’s mission at 澳门兰桂坊赌场 is to facilitate the process of transferring Industry 3.0 & 4.0 technologies to companies participating in advanced manufacturing. We can assist with company initiatives through student internships in our established EMET and ME degrees with full support and guidance from our highly qualified faculty. Also, we can collaborate through cornerstone projects for first-year students and capstone projects for fourth-year students coordinated through the 澳门兰桂坊学习工厂 portal. Additionally, the formation of a 数字设计和制造中心 can offer faculty consultation through research grants.

          infographic illustrating the components of industry 4.0, including autonomous robots, simulation, horizontal and vertical system integration, the industrial internet of things, cybersecurity, the cloud, additive manufacturing, augmented reality and big data and analytics


          • 获得设备以促进产品,生产和性能模拟的数字双胞胎的开发;
          • 提升我们学位的系统集成和数字制造业的技术教育;
          • 协助公司将工程文档进行数字化并拥抱添加剂制造技术;和
          • 为现任工人提供最先进的工人提供培训课程。
          Infographic explaining the relationship of virtual product/production with real production/product


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